Seek. Grow.

The Mind Trained by Faith

Bill Johnson

Winning the War in Your Mind

Craig Groeschel

Ears to Hear – Learning How To Hear God’s Voice

Paul Daugherty

The Art Of Not Knowing

T.D. Jakes

Get Out of Your Feelings

T.D. Jakes

A Piece of the Process

Paul Daughtery

Calm My Anxious Mind

Craig Groeschel

The Truth About Hearing God’s Voice

Joseph Prince

How to Hear God Speak to You

Jimmy Evans

How to Discern the Best Time to Make a Major Change

Rick Warren

The Seven Habits of a Godly Life

Dr. Charles Stanley

Learn How To Recognize God’s Voice

Rick Warren

Root Check

Holly Furtick

Learn How to Rest in God’s Goodness

Rick Warren

Saying AMEN from Within

Steven Furtick


Lon Solomon

How To Hear From God

Joyce Meyer

Get Your Passion Back: Stay Positive

Craig Groeschel

Hearing God’s Voice

Robert Morris

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