Connection is the Answer

We want to help you find PEOPLE that can help build you up

Big group fun to small group friends. We use breakouts for challenging discussion.

We Need One Another

It’s not just our opinion, it’s a fact.


Connect face-to-face with your small group for 40 min each week through zoom, where you’ll have the opportunity to CONNECT WITH FUN people , have encouragement, prayer, and knowing you are not alone.

Our Mission.

Welcome to Connect in 40

We need other people in our lives for optimal mental, emotional, and all around GREAT health.

An authentic like-minded positive community not only helps us achieve our goals but empowers us to make better life decisions.

We were NOT made to live this life alone and all of us fail when we try to.


Have you ever felt burned out from hosting or running a small group? Personally, I was having one small group with 30 people over at my house in person and we constantly had to clean everything, provide tons of food and then clean up. We had to draft lesson plans and come up with discussion questions. It would just be so overwhelming. So I thought, what if we can come up with a way to make it easier but still be able to connect over meaningful teachings and fellowship in a small group? That’s how the idea of Connect in 40 was born, a virtual, scalable group that can help reach more people.

Chantel Ray-Finch

We can connect and share life together in just 40 minutes. We're going to do it Wednesday nights at 7pm Eastern, so that would be 4pm Pacific. And so here's how the schedule will look:


Honesty within your group is essential, yes, but there’s a difference between growing together and oversharing with too many people. Take comfort in knowing that you can be vulnerable in a safe space, and among a small number of men or women committed to honoring one another’s privacy.

Wednesday Schedule.

Wednesdays 7pm EST (4pm PST) on ZOOM

Make sure you register so we can assign you a to a small group.

Launch Zoom

Copy for a friend:

2 Minutes
Welcome in Large Group

7:00pm – 7:02pm

First, we assemble as one group.

8 Minutes
Break into Small Groups

7:02pm – 7:10pm

Then, we split into small groups and discuss the peaks and pits of your week (wins and losses)

13 Minutes

7:10pm – 7:23pm

Next, hear a sermon passage from our Motivational Speaker that appplies to your life.

17 Minutes

7:23pm – 7:40pm

Then, return to our small groups to discuss how to apply what we learned into our daily routines.

10 Minutes


Goodbye and closing song. Stay after with any specific prayer requests. (optional)

Senior Leader.

David Saenz

Connect in 40 Senior Leader & Pastor at Experience Church

Group Leaders.

Sherri Daron

Connect in 40 Group Leader

Michael Simone

Connect in 40 Group Leader

You’re in good hands. Each of our online small groups is led by a great small group leader who is equipped to guide meaningful conversations and offer you the advice, support, truth, and grace necessary to begin (let alone, end) this journey toward freedom and healing that you’ve begun.

Are you interested in leading a small group with less hassle?

Motivational Speakers.

Each week we spend 10 minutes with a motivational speaker, who helps empower you in your life’s mission. Our speakers are trained professionals in their feilds and are here to guide you through tough decisions, convictions and more.

Some of the recent topics being discussed







Wilkerson Jr.





Michael Simone

Vince Antonucci

Carl Kuhl

If you have any questions about what we do, how you can get involved, or any other general inquiries, contact us today. 

Get Connnected.

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